About Us / About the IEB

The IEB is a well-established educational assessment organisation that has been operating in South Africa for over 30 years. It has its origins in the Joint Matriculation Board that has been in existence in the country since the turn of the 20th century, around 1900. 

Education is a dynamic field and role-players have to be open and prepared for changing demands in learning. Indeed, in education we need to be able to create a future that accommodates natural evolution in learning, teaching and assessment practice to accommodate the needs of students across diverse contexts. This is particularly relevant in Africa.  

The IEB has its roots in serving the cause of education, to date specifically within Southern Africa. In its history the IEB has been part and parcel of initiatives that have shown that we are able to play our role in educational innovation that respond specifically to the needs of students and parents in the region. 

"No assessment system is merely a matter of technique and know-how. It is always saying something about the assessors and the assessed, and about the world that the assessor is seeking to bring about. It has behind it a view of learning, of the place of the child in the larger world and of what counts as worthwhile learning."
D Allen, Preface to Barrs (1990)

The IEB has built its philosophy of learning, teaching and assessment on a deep understanding of the country and continent in which it has its roots. (add a link to the IEB’s Intentional Educational Beliefs)

The time has come for the IEB to extend its well-established assessment processes and practices to engage educational institutions and students further afield.  To create this reality, the IEB has established IEB International, an operational branch of the IEB. 

Please visit our website: www.ieb.co.za